Coyote Jack … Following Reprinted by Permission from Skip Saal, PhD.

You may recall that you generously gave me a copy of your book of poetry entitled Whirling Fire during our weekend together. I read it carefully soon after returning home. Although I must confess that I’ve never learned to properly appreciate poetry, I was touched by some of the imagery and emotion you conveyed between the covers of that volume. Several years later, I purchased a copy of your book entitled Coyote Jack. It was both painful and gratifying to relive my own year as a MAT team advisor in Vietnam through your eyes and experiences. The only other worthwhile treatment of the MAT team experience in Vietnam that I’ve come across (and enjoyed) is David Donovan’s (a pseudonym) Once a Warrior King. David and you and I (and, no doubt, many other junior officers who were privileged to serve as MAT team leaders) shared many experiences in common.