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  1. Jack

    I am just starting on your site – after the kind reconnection on FB. Ingrid and I have been huge New Mexico fans since the early 80s, and we finally fulfilled a big life dream by building a house just a little bit north of Taos on the way to the ski valley in 2004. I retired from the big firm life December 31, 2016, but still practice with a few long-term clients (friends).

    I started by looking at the New Mexico Aspencade – the changing of the leaves is probably my favorite time of year in NM. As I watched the shots scroll by at about number 4 or 5 I picked one of the pics as my absolute number one favorite, then proceeded to pick about 6 or 7 more as my absolute number one favorite. Beautiful art. I’m turning in tonight but I’ll be back to the site soon to soak in more.

    I also loved what you wrote about PTSD and the horrors of hate talk. Every day things seems to be a little more divided. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your art. All the best.

    1. Hi Dallas … It’s great to hear from you. I enjoyed working with you all those years ago … your intellect and preciseness with language … your number 2 sharpened pencils :). You still look ridiculously young. Congratulations on the house above Taos. New Mexico has a spiritual terrain. In the mid-90s I left the corporate world to deal with my demons, primarily from the Vietnam experience and its aftermath, which resulted in a compelling need to write. I appreciate your compliments and I believe we shared some time talking about photography, did we not! And grandkids are great. Take care.

  2. Jack,
    What a wonderful/unexpected surprise to get your book on Thursday morning. Made the day.
    Hope everything went well for you Thursday. morning.
    God bless,

  3. You have put together a wonderful website – Love your flowers – haven’t read any of your poetry or books but hope to –
    Thanks for your contributions that I am sure make a difference in lives
    Happy Trails!
    Becky Stringer

    1. Hey, Ron, how goes it? I’ve been in the middle of a move and after nearly 70 years in Houston have relocated to Boerne, TX. You can reach me at my same email address. I hope things go well with you.

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