Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand: A Motorcycling Odyssey


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As if on cue, Dragon boats, propelled by paddling crews
practicing synchronized rowing, skim over the water like hurrying trumpeter
swans. Similar in style to sculls, these Chinese junk-styled craft shoot forward
to a mix of verbal commands and steady drumbeats. While the rowers dip their
paddles in unison, I march in cadence to the river’s edge. A wall of life
preservers, their red color gleaming from the washing sun, catches my
attention. Transforming my loneliness, pouring my isolation into a river of
images, I bring my camera to the ready position, remove the lens cap, and fire.
We must each find our own drumbeat … which changes over time …
and we must listen to our inner voice. Why must it be so hard to stay in tune?